Frequently Asked Questions

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How is your beef packaged for shipment?

Our beef is shipped frozen! We use extreme box liners to line our boxes and cold packs to keep the beef frozen for the duration of the shipment.

Do you offer shipping?

Yes! We currently offer UPS Ground shipping to Texas and Oklahoma for our beef boxes. Orders are shipped out Monday and Tuesday each week to avoid any weekend delays. Orders placed after Wednesday will be shipped the following Monday! Rates are calculated at checkout. We are looking to expand our footprint and add more states soon! We do not currently ship our 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, or Whole Beef Packages.

Is your beef grass-fed?

Our cattle are grass-fed up until 120 days before processing. High quality grain is used to finish the cattle for the last 120 days to enhance marbling, flavor and tenderness.

Do you use hormones or antibiotics?

NO! We do not use any steroids, hormones or antibiotics on our animals. In the scenario an animal falls sick (it does happen from time to time), the animal is removed from the herd and treated with the appropriate medication. These animals are then relocated and not processed for beef.

How much beef should I buy?

That depends! If you are looking to stock your freezers for the year, we suggest buying a half or whole. If you do not have the freezer space, check out one of our boxes we've put together. They include different cuts and are a great way to test our beef before buying bulk.

Can I visit the farm?

Yes! We encourage all customers to schedule a visit to the farm and see how our beef is raised.